Legal area


  • Advice and planning of the constitution of civil and mercantile societies.
  • Preparation of the societies statutes.
  • Emission of tittles and creation of books agreement with the matter law.
  • Participation, advice and support in ordinary and extraordinary assembly.
  • Elaboration of sessions of the administration counsel.
  • Examination and elaboration of all type of civil and mercantile contracts.
  • Fusion, transformation, acquisition, separation, liquidation of mercantile and civil societies.
  • Factibility in projects.
  • Advice, procure about patents, and marks.

Administrative labour

  • Elaboration of the regulations interior, work regulations and the application or modification of it self advice and intervene on the examination of the collective contract.
  • Integration of the mixed commissions of capacitation and training, so how, of security and hygiene.
  • Elaboration of plans and programs of training and its register.
  • Elaboration and advice on individual work contract, pay receipt of work benefits, assistance controls, stroke lists and payroll.

Civil, mercantile and familiar

  • Personal, telephonic or electronic advice, establish tricks, negotiations and agreements.
  • Transaction, negotiation and patronage in any procedure.
  • Advice, elaboration and formalization of agreements and contracts.
  • Credits recovering on judicial and extrajudicial way.
  • Compliment and cancels of agreements and contracts.

Labour right

  • Personal advice and through another communication halfs (telephonic, fax and e-mail) understanding the implementation of negotiations, agreements of the conflict that could be presentment, in conflicts of individual or collective nature.
  • Transaction, patronage of any individual or collective judgment before the Federal or local conciliation council.
  • Assistance and participation in the liquidation of workers in the enterprise or before any labour authority, helping to the negotiation.


  • Advice, defense and negotiation, on different conflicts of criminal nature, particular crimes and special crimes.
  • Presentation of accusations, working together the Public Ministry on the integration of the investigation until the total resolution of the case.